Saturday, June 21, 2008

To be a special guest

When I was growing up I never dreamed I would be surrounded by princesses and be living a dream. Yet, with three daughters, I have entered a world of beauty and magic. Last night I attended the 80th Anniversary Gala of the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Program at the Aqua Turf Country Club and was wowed by the charm and beauty of 36 contestants competing for the crown of Miss Connecticut and Miss Connecticut's Outstanding Teen.

How did I get there, you ask? My youngest daughter, Rachel, just happens to be Miss Norwich's Outstanding Teen. So when I travel in these circles I have an automatic invitation to meet and greet some of our state's most talented and poised young women.

I have a confession to make. Many of you know that last night was not my first such event. Rachel's older sister, Sarah, was Connecticut's very first Outstanding Teen representative and she competed for the Title of Miss America's Outstanding Teen in Orlando Florida in 2005. So I have been doing this for a while now.

Last night I got to hobnob and catch up with Miss Connecticut 2007 Dana Daunis, Miss Connecticut 2005 Diana Baitinger, and say hi to Miss Connecticut 2004 Nikki Palmieri and Miss Connecticut 2003 Marla Prete among others. Every where Rachel went, I was not too far behind. Why we even got to sit with Karen Link, Miss Connecticut's Outstanding Teen for 2007 and her parents. Talk about feeling special!

It struck me last night that I was one of the luckiest men in the world. I was only there because my daughter invited me. I had done nothing to get there on my own. I was her guest. The thought hit me that it is the same way with our faith and the invitation we receive to walk with God. The gate to heaven is opened to us because we know the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Jesus. When we invite Jesus to come into our hearts and we step foot in his world then everything he owns, everything he has to give, everyone he knows, becomes a part of our world and we are free to enjoy the blessings.

So be blessed and enjoy the company that Jesus brings and you will be walking on air before long. Peace.


Here are some photos from last night. (Sorry but I am playing the role of proud father right now.)

Rachel poses with some of the other Outstanding Teens.

Rachel with Miss Connecticut 2007, Dana Daunis

Rachel with Karen Link, Connecticut's Outstanding Teen 2007.

Rachel with Miss Connecticut 2005, Diana Baitinger.

Rachel with Luis Pabon, Executive Director of the
Miss Connecticut Scholarship Pageant Program.

If you would like to enjoy the fun, the Miss Connecticut Pageant will be held at the Garde Arts Theater next Friday and Saturday night (June 28,29) and there are still tickets available. One price allows you to enjoy preliminary competitions for Miss Connecticut's Outstanding Teen and Miss Connecticut Contestants on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon and the Finals on Saturday evening. The Pageant raises thousands of dollars in college scholarships for these young women every year and your support helps fund them.


Frank said...


Don't you think it's inappropriate in this day and age to have young women parade across a stage and be judged on who is the most "outstanding?"

It seems to me that this is a sexist remnant of American culture that we should do without. We don't have pageants for the "most outstanding" 40-something male, or the "most outstanding" preacher either.

I always feel bad for these girls and wonder about their sense of self-worth. Why would a young woman want to be treated like a prize heifer at the Brooklyn Fair? Maybe if the prize was a "Best in Show" ribbon instead of a faux-royal crown they would get the message that their worth as people does not come from some arbitrary scorecard.

Denise said...

Your daughter is very lovely my friend.