Saturday, June 28, 2008

The one truly free gift

Life isn't always fair. I went out to lunch with a group of people yesterday at an upscale restaurant. I don't have to tell you that I am always thrifty in my approach to buying anything, even when it comes to having lunch with my friends.

I scanned the menu and although most of the items were quite pricey, I found a chicken sandwich for $11 and was delighted. I passed on an appetizer, salad and beverage and figured I could get away with $15 including tax and tip.

I was delighted when our host announced she was picking up the tab. She asked only that we take care of the tip. One of my friends looked at the bill, over $300, and then proceeded to declare that we each needed to throw in $10 for the gratuity. I almost fell over. Then I laughed to myself. This was some free lunch!

The truth is that there is no free lunch in this life. We always pay for what we get one way or another. The onlytime this isn't true is with God. God's grace is free gift, with no strings attached, to all who ask for it. It is the one thing we can never pay for. It comes through the love of Christ and is priceless. So give thanks to God and be glad.