Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Transformed by God's love

It's funny how God comes to you. He sometimes sends subtle messages that touch us like nudges. At other times he knocks us over so we have no choice but to look up and take notice. This morning I had a visitor at church who came with a simple request for help. I helped her and then we began to talk.

She told me how she used to go to church. Then she fell away and started doing some things that she was ashamed of. She promised me that she would be back when she got it all sorted out. That's when I reminded her that none of us in church has it all sorted out yet. Yet it is there where we get the help, the encouragement and the strength to fight our ways back to joyful living.

I told her that the people sitting in the pews of the church every Sunday are not saints, but rather people like her, who have recognized that they need God's help to overcome the difficulties of daily living. Then I invited her to come join us on Sunday.

Funny how things work out. A little later I had someone else stop by and we talked about the way our church and many others are changing. We are becoming more real and honest with our faith and the struggles to walk the Christian life in this world we live in.

A few minutes ago another friend sent me this video and it spoke to the heart of what I had experienced in my conversations this morning. I hope you enjoy it. May god bless you as you invite him into your life to help you find your cardboard testimony.


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Denise said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing.