Sunday, June 8, 2008

More than sandwich dressing

I went to Subway for lunch and as I was having my sandwich made, I noticed something was missing. There were no red vegetables. I blinked and had to look twice. I always have tomatoes on my grinder. I asked the young woman about it and she explained that the tomatoes had been recalled due to a bacterial scare.

So I had my sub without tomatoes. It was still good but you could tell something was missing. It made me think of how it feels when one person isn't at church on Sunday morning. We may think we aren't missed, but people do notice. It changes the whole experience for others when we aren't present. They miss our smile, our handshake or hug, or words of encouragement.

We don't need to go to church to find God, but many people experience his presence in the human touch and caring of the faith community. As members of the body of Christ, that means you and I are a part of that. So next time you think you will not be missed, think about my tomatoes. Then get up and go and be part of the salad that makes life better.


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Denise said...

Please pray for me my friend, my brother passed away today.