Monday, June 16, 2008

A new name for the blog

Today I am changing the official name of my blog to Dancing With God. That's what you and I do every day as we seek to serve him. So to kick off this new name I want to share this video with you. It captures the essence of what this blog is about and where we are going on our continuing journey.

Just for history sake, the former name, "The View From The Hill" comes from my perspective of looking out the window of my office at the city below. It symbolized a view that God might have of us as his children as we come looking for him.

I like this new name better because it reflects the journey from our vantage point. The blog will keep the same type of stuff. Only the name will change. So enjoy and let's keep dancing with God.


1 comment:

Denise said...

I love the new look and name my friend. Thanks for all of your recent encouragement to me, blessings to you.