Thursday, June 12, 2008

Get your spiritual check up today. It's Free

I got a call from Mike yesterday. He works with Norwich Public Utilities. He wanted to make an appointment to check out our gas meter for leaks. It is a free service they offer. It provides a safety check and allows us to be good stewards as well.

It got me wondering if we need some kind of regular safety check in our spiritual life and who does that for us. Regular attendance at worship will certainly help. As we listen to the sermon and enter into prayer, we do a lot of self checking don't we? When we get engaged in a Bible study and go back and forth in a discussion, it keeps us in check.

I guess that the real check comes when we sit down and spend a little time with God in daily prayer and devotions. It allows us to look back on our day and check out where we have been and what we have done. It allows us to make corrections if we find we have slipped a little bit.

When I was younger I didn't think we needed this. Now I see how helpful and how important it is for our soul care. So if you don't do a regular check up and make time with God, why not start today? Summer is coming. You will be relaxing a bit here and there. Build in a time of reflection and renewal as well. You will be glad you did.


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