Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's your heaven look like?

I thought I died and went to heaven today. Well, it wasn't exactly heaven. It was my friend's rec room. And actually for me, heaven would probably have a lot more Detroit Tiger memorabilia that his room did. Yet, the concept was pretty cool.

He was excited to show us the two fully padded leather recliners that were outfitted in Red Sox colors and logos. They were perfectly situated to watch the flat screen TV in a room decked out with Boston Red Sox and New England Patriot balls, figurines, bats and photos. For football season there was a blue Patriot Couch. It was the perfect adult playroom.

Of course mine would be outfitted with Tiger and Pittsburgh Steeler colors. But the idea is great. I remember a friend of mine asking me what I thought heaven would be like. Before I could answer, he told me that he didn't think he could stand the idea of heaven being a place where a bunch of angels floated around playing harps. That sounded boring to him. I shot back that he would probably be escorted to the year round golf courses that are complete except for the sand traps and water hazards.

It's funny how we depict heaven as a place where our fondest dreams come true. Yet we rarely talk about the most important part of eternity, the relationships that are met there. I don't really know what kind of mansion or room I'm going to get, but I do know that I will be surrounded by love. I will feel it more keenly than I ever have in my life. I will know the source of joy and live forever with God and with some of the most wonderful people I have known in life. I don't know what we will be doing, but I know who I'll be doing it with and that is enough for me.


Enjoy this clip below as you ponder what heaven is like.

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