Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is acceptable for you?

I couldn't believe I actually said it out loud. I went by the gas station and saw the price and said to my friend, "I better get gas now because it is a good price." That price was $4.15. It was ridiculous and I had to laugh at myself. Since when did any price over $4.00 become "good?"

That's when it dawned on me. It is the slow and steady onslaught of things that has the best chance of becoming accepted as the norm. This is what has happened in society with bad language, sexual content, anti God talk, and every other type of immorality. The standards of what is normal, decent and acceptable has slowly changed over time.

I'm not a prude but just look at what is shown on television today compared to twenty years ago. I remember refusing to watch NYPD Blue in the early 1990's because it was advertised as being the first R rated television show. Now it isn't unusual to see much worse on cable TV.

So is $4.00 a gallon a good price? I take it back. It stinks.


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Denise said...

Times are really changing for the worse my friend, keep looking up, our redemption draws near.