Sunday, July 22, 2007

Like riding a bike

I actually went out and rode my bike yesterday. I had been thinking about it for a while. I kept making plans to hop on it and go for a ride. There always seemed to be something that prevented me from doing it.

One day I had on my dress clothes. Another day it was too hot. Last week I noticed the tire needed air. Yesterday I stopped making excuses and just did it. Boy was it fun. I went around the block and then decided to go and visit a friend. I took off and started on my way. The next ten minutes flew by. I was carried back to the days of my youth and remembered how much I loved riding my bike. It was really fun and I wondered why I had not done this before. Right then and there I made a commitment to myself to try riding my bike a few times a week going forward.

Sometimes we get away from church and make lots of excuses when it comes to going back. But all it takes is a decision to go back. The joy you used to have will be enough to get you back into the pattern of going regularly.

So don't delay. Just do it. See you in church.