Saturday, July 26, 2008

Who is the judge?

Do you believe in jinx? Last night I was watching the Red Sox game with friends when the score of the Detroit Tiger game scrolled across the bottom. I hooted because my Tigers were beating the White Sox in the seventh inning 5-4. As the Red Sox game progressed I decided to put the hex on Mariano Rivera by saying that all closers suffer melt downs every once in a while. My friend then noted that it was more likely that the tiger closer, Todd Jones, would blow the game than Mariano. I laughed. Then I went home and checked on the game at MLB. com and saw that Todd had blown the save and the Tigers had lost. Meanwhile Mariano Rivera shut the door to preserve a 1- 0 Yankee victory.

Next time I am going to keep my mouth shut. It is funny how the things we say and do often come back to bite us. Jesus once said "Judge not, lest ye be judged." I have found that too often when we come off judgmental of other people and cast an accusing glance their way, we end up falling under some kind of judgment ourselves before we know it. Is it a jinx or are we just setting ourselves us for a fall when we try to knock others down?

You be the judge!


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Denise said...

We should never judge another, that is for God only.