Friday, July 18, 2008

Living in us

Someone once told me that once we have children we will begin to live our lives through them. As I looked at some pictures my daughter sent me this morning I finally understood what that person meant.

I have never been to Hawaii but now I am getting a taste of what it would be like from hearing Sarah's stories and seeing her photos. I'm not physically there but I am experiencing it through her. It made me think of the saying that we often use about "Christ living in us."

It may be a new way to think about how you and I live our lives, but maybe we ought to think about living life in such a way that we bring joy and honor to Jesus. Every time we reach out to someone, every time we offer forgiveness, every time we share God's love, we are bringing a smile to his face.

Think about it. It could brighten your whole day to think you are no longer living just for yourself, but also to bring joy to the Lord.

Well here are some photos of my Sarah. She is having a great time and so am I.



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Denise said...

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