Monday, July 14, 2008

Let your word be your bond

There was a popular saying when I was growing up that dealt with honesty in relationships. It encouraged us to let our "word be our bond." In other words, say what you mean. Don't lie, don't cheat, don't try to manipulate the situation.

I've lived that way. I try to be fair and I expect others to do the same. That applies double to business relationships. I figure that if you are in business then your reputation should mean something. Well a year ago I needed to have a man come in to check out my oil tank. We were selling our house and there was a question about it.

I hired a reputable company, even had the owners son in to make the call. He told me that the tank was good to go and I believed him. He signed off on it and the deal was done. As a result I signed off on it too. I trusted him.

This week I found out that the same man is now singing a different song. He is now saying that the tank had a leak. Even though he signed off on it both in writing and in person and told me it was good to go, he is now trying to wiggle out of his original statement. Why? Because now he found a leak. He said it wasn't there before. Now he says it was always there. Now why would someone do this? Maybe it is because he has an $1800 job to gain.

This whole situation made me think about the age old question of our salvation in Christ. The Bible is quite clear that if we call on Christ our sins will be forgiven and we will be assured our salvation. The promise is simple and sounds almost too good to be true.

Many people question it because they have been told how their sins will condemn them. So how can they believe this? The truth is that when Christ gave his word, it was his bond. It was sealed with his blood and he died to make it a reality.

Unlike my heating contractor, Jesus stands behind his promise and his word is true today, yesterday and tomorrow. So if you call on Jesus, you will never have to worry about him changing his mind. His word is dependable and true. You can count on him.


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Denise said...

Praise God, my Saviour is always the same.