Sunday, July 27, 2008

The view from above

Since my oldest daughter lives in New York City, I keep my eyes open for interesting sites and blogs that feature events, activities or historical tidbits about Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. A few weeks ago I was surfing the web and happened upon a blog that posts aerial photos of the city. It was fascinating so I immediately forwarded it to my daughter.

She posted back that she had just been to the spot depicted in the photograph and that it sure looked different from the ground. It got me thinking about the way life and the events we are part of look when we are engaged in them and how they must look to our heavenly Father as he sees them from "above." It is a different vantage point. When you see the big picture things never look as dramatic or as hopeless as they do from below.

That's why our Father tells us to trust him and to lean on him in timers of trial. He will help us put our situation in perspective and find a way to overcome our problems. Praise be to God who sees all things from above.

The site is at Check it out for the fun of it.


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Denise said...

I am always leaning on His everlasting arms.