Friday, July 18, 2008

Blessed by our past recollections

I just got back from my evening walk and I took a stroll down memory lane. We needed soda and a few supplies. So instead of hopping in the car I took advantage of the fact that we live within walking distance from a convenience store and hoofed it over there. As I was on route I thought back to the several times when I used to walk to the store in the past.

I remembered how I loved going to visit my grandparents in Hartford. They lived right around the corner from a little grocery store. I used to save my quarters and walk down to buy two or three packs of Topps baseball cards. I can still remember the shiver of excitement as I walked out of the store and walked home looking at my bounty.

When Lori and I were first married and living in Rhode Island there was a Cumberland Farms nearly right across the street from our apartment. I can remember many a night when I would run down the street to get an ice cream or some other late night treat. During the last year we lived there my trips became much more frequent because Lori and I were expecting our first child. Midnight cravings were par for the course.

It is funny how something we do today can trigger such precious memories. The truth is that our forefathers understood this well and they encouraged us to relive and retell the stories of faith. For in doing so, we deepen our own love of God and make it a part of the fabric of our lives. So take a walk down memory lane and give thanks to God along the way.


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Denise said...

I enjoy walking down memory lane.