Friday, July 11, 2008

Living with style and grace

I am not the Frappucchino type, but this week I have enjoyed a mocha frappucchino every day. I am at the Mystic Marriot for the National Championships of ACCESS Broadway. My youngest daughter is dancing with Luis Pabon's Style Extraordinaire. Each day this week we have been here from early in the morning to late in the evening. (You understand I am setting you up for my excuse! :-) So I have decided to treat myself for being a good parent and I've purchased these frothy drinks.

It is so out of character for me for two reasons. One, I usually don't splurge on calorie intensive food and drink. Two, I don't like to pay the price for extravagant food and drink. So what is different this time?

First, I have a gift card for twenty five dollars that I was given almost two years ago. That means that each of these treats is really free to me. It is a gift from a friend that I can now savor and enjoy. Second, I tend to suspend dieting when I go on vacation. I allow myself the freedom to enjoy food a little bit more. I think of it is a gift I give myself for trying to be faithful all year long.

So this afternoon I will enjoy my fourth frappucchino this week and be guilt free. It kind of reminds me of the guilt free life we are all invited to share in Christ. Jesus paid the price for our sin when he went to the cross. Now we have the free gift of life to enjoy. The truth is that instead of life being a burden, it is more like a blessing. We can be free to act and glorify God without fear. We can be bold, we can freely step out in love and enjoy this new life.

The truth is I will have my last frappucchino for a while this afternoon. But in Christ, we can go on living a meaningful, glory filled life forever. His blessing will continue until the day we are called to glory and then it will be eternally ours in heaven.


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Denise said...

Sweet blessings to you my friend.