Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who do people say I am - Not

I am going to get myself into trouble and mention politics. I know I shouldn't get involved in the debate, but I have to laugh when I hear Senator Obama's comments about John McCain. He uses several quotes from the last few days and points out that John said, "rich is having $5 million dollars or more" and that he "didn't know how many houses he owned." Then he says, "I own one" and "John McCain isn't one of us."

Funny but when I looked to see how much money Barak Obama makes I can tell you that he isn't one of us either. Now I don't mean to pick on one candidate. The truth is that Senator McCain has done the same thing to Barak. He has taken a quote about inflating the tires to conserve energy and made him sound like a buffoon when all Senator Obama did was give the same kind of advice my dad gave me years ago. Then Barak went on to share his larger policy but John never mentioned that.

Politics seems to be all about sharing partial truths and trying to deceive people into believing someone is not who they say they are. It is hard to know what you can believe and what you can't anymore.

Well that is not the case with God. God revealed himself in his son, Jesus. All we need to know about him is written in the Book. Now I know a lot of people have tried to usurp the Word and describe Jesus differently, but when you read the Bible, and especially the Gospels, you get a clear picture of a man who had compassion on other's lived without judgment and inspired those whom he met to turn over a new leaf and come to God with a repentant heart. Jesus was real. People fell in love with him and he has changed the world.

I wish politics was as simple. I don't think any of us know who John McCain and Barak Obama are but we are going to have to vote for one of them. I am going to pray on it and rad all I can. I suggest you do the same. Then we have to simply trust God to work with whoever wins.


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Well said. I had to stop by your blog. I love looking at all of the creative names people choose for their homes on the web and yours caught my attention...Dancing with God...