Friday, August 8, 2008

It is a gift. Accept it and enjoy it.

I discovered the gift of grace last night. I signed up for Skype. This interesting service allows you to connect via the Internet with folks around the world for free! The best part is that you get to talk to them and if you have video capability, see them as well. With my daughter spending the next few months in Australia we decided to investigate. Everything seems set up and ready to go. Tonight we will have our first opportunity to try it.

I called it grace because it is a free gift. I don't know how they manage it and how it makes sense for someone to do this, but I am not going to question it. I am going to gratefully accept it.

As I was thinking about this it reminded me of what God has done with the gift of his beloved son. In Jesus death we have truly received the gift of his grace. A lot of people want to figure out how it works and are skeptical. As a result they don't embrace it and often reject it. Meanwhile they could be enjoying a joy filled life walking with the Lord.

So don't ask me how Skype works. I can't tell you and I don't care. I'm just going to accept it and enjoy it.


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Denise said...

Glad God blessed you my friend.