Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go team

I tuned into to check on the score of my Detroit Tiger game only to see that they were being soundly defeated by the Orioles. I thought God was a Tiger fan! Not this year anyway. The truth is that many of us say prayers for our favorite sports teams. Whether you like the Red Sox, the Yankees, the Patriots or Giants or some other team, we think nothing of calling on God to help us turn the tide and run up the score against our opponents.

We know that God isn't directly interested in the outcome of these games, but we pray none the less. The truth is that God does care about what we care about. He wants to bless us and he does it indirectly. He doesn't affect the outcome of a game but he allows us to take small pleasure in little things.

I love the story Tony Campolo tells about his trip to Disneyland with his son. When the family was getting ready to leave after a long day, his son piped up and said he wanted to ride on Space Mountain one more time. Tony was adamant about the fact that they were not going to do that. Just then his son piped up, But Jesus wants me to ride on Space Mountain one more time.

His son went on to explain the logic that his father had often espoused from the pulpit. Jesus wants to be part of our everyday life. He experiences what we experience. He enjoys what we enjoy. Since I enjoyed Space Mountain, so did Jesus. I am sure he wants me and you and him to go on it one more time.

Campolo said how could he refuse with logic like that. So in that same way God roots for my Tigers, your Yankees and her Red Sox. I don't think God cares who wins but he does enjoy being with us in our enthusiasm.

So go team! Thank you God.



Flip Flop Floozie said...

Cal,thanks for stopping by again!! We just got home from a long long trip!! You are young..only was over 13 years ago for me!!
I see you wrote about Rick Warren on your blog below!! Our son goes to his church in California. I knew that he was doing this. I understand it went well. Obama said that he was a Christian..Okay. Won't go there. Thanks again for stopping by. Sandy

Denise said...

Go team God!!