Friday, August 1, 2008

Dont change for change sake

I was surfing through some local blogs when I came across this line in Pamela Suzanne's post from Father's Day.

I still call the Defenders the Navigators. I grew up on Tator the Gator and bright purple uniforms; Cutter just doesn't cut it for me. He's more intimidating, sure, but honestly, what mascot has more personality than a giant reptile named after a potato snack?

Finally I found someone who agrees with me. I have been to very few games since they changed the name of the team from the Navigators to the Defenders. I just can't get into them. I know it is the same team but they lost the pizazz when the mascot became a submarine instead of a lovable gator. I still call them the Navigators too and am always rudely corrected by someone.

As I tried to analyze my feelings it just came back to the truth that I don't like change. I was comfortable with the Navigators. They were my team. I didn't care if the prefix was Norwich or Connecticut, it was the team and their identity that captured my heart.

I think the same thing happens in the church when we change things. Whether it is changing the order of worship, the style of music, or even moving into a new building, it will always upset a good number of us.

In church many have started a second service when they wanted to make stylistic changes. This way they keep the regulars happy while opening the door for newcomers. The truth is that I understand that change is good. It keeps things fresh. It allows us to grow with the times. WE just need to make sure that all the stakeholders buy into the moves we make or else there will be an exodus along the way.

The good thing about the church is that the "owner" does not change. Jesus is the head of the church and as long as we keep the heart of worship the same, we will always be blessed.


PS. Maybe if the Defenders brought Tater back, some of the old times would come back too! What do you think?

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