Saturday, August 2, 2008

TLC for your feet...

When was the last time you looked at your feet? I have to confess that most days I give them a cursory glance as I'm putting on my socks but that is about the extent of it. Today I happened to notice them.

Let me make a confession. I only looked at them because my left foot was hurting. Somehow I developed a little sore on my toe. It probably happened from wearing my old softball spikes two nights in a row.

It made me think though. Our feet are pretty important. Without them we can't stand up. We can't walk without them, never mind try to run. So why do so many of us take them for granted. We would certainly take care of a problem on our face right away. We'd probably do the same with our hands. So why do we ignore our feet? Maybe because most of us see our feet as unattractive.

There is a passage in the Bible where the Apostle Paul talks about the church and makes reference to parts of the body. He tells us that every part has its place and every part ought to be respected for what it brings to the overall function of the body. Paul must have ha a sore foot or back along the way because her understands physiology pretty well.

We need to be mindful of all the people around us. In the world we need to be thankful for the people who pick up our garbage as well as though who cut our hair. We need to greet those who pump our gas or wait on our table with the same respect we give the doctor or the priest. We can take our example from Jesus who treated people with love and respect no matter where they came from.

Jesus said love your enemies. He said love your neighbors. He said love one another. I think that covers just about everyone. So next time you look at your feet, think of someone you run across who needs a little love and do something about it.


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Denise said...

Such an awesome post my friend.