Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Angels watching over us

I've been a volunteer chaplain with Hospice for twenty years. Part of the reason I stick with it is because I have been impressed with the caring that the nurses, volunteers, and staff display in regards to the patients and their families. This morning we had our interdisciplinary team meeting. As each patient was discussed, team members chirped in with suggestions on how to help the person and their family as they faced new challenges this week.

The team consists of a physician, the nurses, a social worker, the bereavement co-ordinator, a pharmacist, a chaplain and various others who drop in from time to time. Every person brings some expertise from their discipline to the table. The idea is that all of the family's needs can be met by bringing this team together on their behalf.

As I sat back and watched the interaction this morning, an image of God in heaven came to mind. I chuckled to myself as I wondered if God had such a team working on our behalf every day. Maybe God gathers around a table with his host of angels and discusses what is happening in our lives each day. Sometimes it certainly seems like I have an angel on my shoulder watching out for me.

The other day I heard a great testimony from one of our parishioners. He told me he was being wheeled down to the surgical suite from his room. He was nervous and a bit frightened. He looked down and in the pocket of the lady wheeling him down the corridor, he saw what he knew was a Bible. He asked her about it and she confirmed that it was a Bible. Then he asked her if she would say a little prayer with him. She did and immediately he felt the peace of god come over him.

I believe God knew exactly what he needed that day and put it in place. Why that lady was there instead of another one we will never know for sure. But I like to think it was discussed and worked out at God's team meeting that morning.


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Denise said...

Hospice was truly a blessing to me when my momma passed away.