Sunday, November 1, 2009

When fantasy becomes real

The advertisement read "Join Mickey Lolich, Guillermo Hernandez, Todd Jones and others representing the 1968, 1984 and 2006 clubs, during the 2010 Tigers Camp of Champs." I can't believe I actually got excited. There was a day when I thought the idea of a baseball fantasy camp was silly. Who would want to go out and play baseball with a bunch of old timers?

When I hit my fiftieth birthday last year something strange happened. All the old timers were my age or older. Guys that I watched play as I was growing up were all going to be there. All my heroes were taking part in those fantasy camps. Suddenly it didn't seem so silly anymore.

It is funny how time has the ability to change our perspective on things. As we age and have more experiences we come to see everything in a new light. That certainly happens in our faith lives. Those things we used to see as coincidences are now seen as the guiding hand of God. That person who comes along just when we needed someone to brighten our day is now seen as an undercover angel.

The truth is that God is always there. It's us. We just don't notice him and appreciate him when we are younger. But Praise God time helps us see things for what they really are.


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