Thursday, October 22, 2009

The soul specialist

I dropped my car off at a friend's house tonight. The check engine light came on last week and Kenny is going to check it out. He's an auto mechanic. He understands how cars work and why certain things happen. I wouldn't take my car to video store to have it checked out. That's not a place where they specialize in cars.

So why do people run to all kinds of crazy places when they have spiritual problems? Why don't they head to the church? What's a spiritual problem? How about looking for meaning and purpose in life?

When we are searching for guidance on what to do, we can usually find it and our moral compass in the church. God, the one who created us, specializes in solving these kinds of problems. He knows us because he wrote the manual on human life.

If you have a problem right now, you should think about coming home to god. He will check out your problem and get you back up and running again.


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