Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Atlanta Fest

I came across some videos from Atlanta Fest as I was surfing the web. It looks like a great time of preaching, comedy and outstanding music set in the Atlanta area. Several years ago we took a group of teens to New Hampshire for a Christian music festival called Soul Fest. It was at Loon Mountain back then. They had it set up so that six or seven musical acts were going on at the same time in different locations. They had every flavor of music you could imagine. We had one kid who loved heavy metal. I found a tent where they were playing it with Christian words. We had a trio of kids who liked rap. They had that. Michael W. Smith was there and so were the Blind Boys of Alabama.

I'm thinking of taking a group up there next summer. But the more I see of this Atlanta Fest, the more I think that might be more fun. Here is a sample of what they had down there. See if you agree.


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