Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Giving thanks for the blessings

It was one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. I received a couple of frantic calls at church this morning. Then I got wrapped up in one project that demanded my attention and couldn't finish the project that has to be set to go tomorrow morning. I left church and stopped at the redi-cash machine and found out I didn't have enough money in the account to make a withdrawal. So I headed to West Hartford with only two dollars. I got caught in traffic on the way to my meeting. Then when I tried to set up my computer to Skype with our missionaries Rick and Mercy Barnes, I couldn't get the camera to work and I kept losing the Internet connection. Aaaargggh. I began to feel like Charlie Brown on a good day. The final straw fell when I stopped at McDonalds to get a chicken sandwich on my way home. I rolled down my window and it came out of the socket. Just then it started raining.

It was a day to remember. Murphy's Law was in full effect. When I got home a few minutes ago I sat down and thanked God that the day had come to an end. Nothing terrible had happened. Nothing irreversible had occurred and I was sitting in my favorite chair in a warm house surrounded by family.

Sometimes it is all we can do but give thanks for the little things. Life can be tough on any given day. The pain may even last for weeks on end. But God is good and he will be with us on the bad days as well as on the good days. On the bad days it is especially important for us to count our blessings. They remind us of the greater truths. They remind us that nothing lasts forever and that God always works for good for those who love the Lord.


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