Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wait til next year

Tonight I have to face the fact that my Detroit Tigers have suffered through a terrible season. They are tied for last place in the American League Central Division. The Baseball writers will debate all winter long what went wrong with the team with the third highest payroll in baseball, the team that was declared by many of them as the best team to ever put on a Detroit Tiger uniform last April.

They started the season with an 0 -7 record and got a little better by the end of April. But they never seriously moved beyond the .500 mark all summer long. They showed flashes of brilliance at times. Then they settled back into a pathetic display of either poor pitching or a lack of timely hitting. Mercifully the 2008 season is coming to an end and the team is limping up to the finish line.

I am so glad that this season will soon be over. Do you know why? Because once we close out the final game it will be forever behind us. It will be done... finished.... kaput... over! nothing else can be done to improve or take away from it. And almost immediately we can begin to talk about next year.

When we talk about next year we can begin to dream and hope again. The losses that piled up in the past do not count against us any more. They have been expunged and forgiven in light of the dawning of a brand new season.

It's a lot like the sense of forgiveness we get when we accept Christ and are born again. It no longer matters what we did in the past. It can't drag us down any more. It is a brand new day. It is an opportunity to start all over and to do better. Hope springs eternal. Anything is possible.

Don't think so? Just ask any Boston Red Sox fan. With two World Series Championships in the last four years and another one within reach, they know better than anyone else that the ghosts of the past have no claim over you when you put your hopes in the future.

so dream on and walk with Christ and enjoy the hope of a brand new season.


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