Friday, September 19, 2008

Looking back on the adventure of a lifetime

I've been back home almost a day and the whole experience of going to Australia is starting to sink in. I've been looking at photos tonight and reliving the experience. Funny thing is that I can't explain exactly what this trip meant to me because it touched so many levels of my being.

I got to see both Becky and Sarah in their own worlds. For the first time in my life, I have to confess, I saw them as young women and not my little girls. It sounds silly, but the dad in me put blinders in my way and I came away from this trip with a greater appreciation for them as individuals.

It brought me closer to Rev. John Brooks, a man who was my mentor and the inspiration for many of the things I do in my ministry. It was if I entered his world. Visiting with his nephew Neil and his family touched my heart.

It tapped into my love of travel and renewed my sense of adventure. It also forced me to think about life as a journey and that has been good.

Finally, my experiences at Hillsong Church in Sydney renewed the sense I have of our calling to be a worshipping community here in Norwich. We don't do things like they do, but we can learn from them. They do some things very well and I am a thief. I steal ideas that work.

Well here is my slideshow from the trip. You will want to look at it a couple of times oer the next few days as I put captions on the photos and a few more I was able to capture from a ruined disk.


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