Monday, September 15, 2008

The Tarango Zoo

The Tarango Zoo was pretty amazing, but then again people who know me have heard me say that time and again about zoos. This time I had someone with me who appreciated it as much as I did. Sarah is studying to become a veterinarian and she really loves the exotic animals. At the Zoo here in Sydney we saw some wildlife that we haven't seen before.

Everyone has seen a koala bear, especially if you have been to a major zoo like the one in San Diego. But have you seen a Tasmanian Devil before? Cartoons don't count. What about a real live gecko? I always wondered why he spoke with an accent in the Geico commercials. Now I know. here as also a giant lizard that looked like something out of a Jurassic park movie.

Most of the animals here were pretty active too. The elephants were rummaging around and banging the trees for food. The giraffes were playing in the yard. Event the giant Galapagos turtle did a little bit of a show. I stand amazed at the creative genius of God. I don't know how anyone can go to a zoo and continue to hold onto a belief that everything evolved out of some primordial ooze without some kind of intelligent design behind it. The question I would
ask of those who hold onto these belief is "Why is there such beauty and so much variety in life forms" It doesn't make sense. Anyway, the zoo reinforces my belief in a creator God who spared no energy to come up with the world we inhabit today. (Enough theology for now.)

Sarah and I took the ferry boat across he Harbor to get to the zoo and that in itself was a lot of fun. The zoo is built on a hill and it involves a lot of walking but the views are breath taking. My friend Neil says that Sydney is all about the views and it was worth the price of admission just to see the few wild animals and the glimpses of the harbor from the cliffs above.

Heading down the mountain we got to ride a gondola and that completed our marvelous day at the zoo. I'm going to try and upload a few photos so you can get a bit of a sense of our adventure.


PS The internet connections here are quite poor and I have lost transmission several times this week while uploading photos. So I assure you that I will create a slide show of the whole experience and post it once I get home. Sorry.

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