Thursday, September 25, 2008

A song for each generation

I am working on Sunday's service and I came across this video on God tube. It made me think about what I was preaching on Sunday. My message is entitled, "You Are Not An Accident!" and the point I will be making is that God created each of us with a purpose.

When I came across this piece it made me stop and think about some of the music that the kids are listening to and asking for in church. I went to the Hillsong Church when I was in Australia and some of the music is pretty loud and rowdy. The kids there loved it. They were jumping around and singing and praising God. It was a far cry from what we see when we sing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus!"

I have some friends who are really down on Christian rock and even have problems with some of the upbeat contemporary choruses. Maybe we all need to rethink our positions on this music and the people who embrace it. I don't think it is an accident that God put a song in these artist's heart. God is timeless and he has his ways to speak to each generation.

Tonight some members of our congregation went to see Bill Gaither and his band in concert at the XL Center. I remember 25 years ago there were some in my congregation in Rhode Island who thought the Gaithers were too radical. Can you imagine that?

So listen to this song and you tell me. Is she called or not? I think she is and she has a message for the young people in her music.


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