Friday, September 5, 2008

Some of you know that I write this weekly newspaper column about "stuff." I find some way to relate it to God and our spiritual life. Over time it has made me a bit of a local celebrity. I often get people coming up to me asking, "Are you the Cal Lord who writes the Spirit page column?"

People seem to like it. I think the success of it is the fact that I write about every day things that people can relate to. Several years ago I told someone that everything in my office has some spiritual significance. That includes my Detroit Tiger memorabilia, my Miss America badges and program books, the props from the community theater shows I've been in and even my Star Trek memorabilia. I've used every one of these things in my "Children's talks" at church to make some point about God and his love. Now I look at them and feel God's presence. I can turn anything into a "God moment"

You think I'm kidding? Well here we go. How can a penny with the image of Spock make you think about God? Easy.

One of my favorite television shows as I was growing up was Star Trek. I fell in love with the characters and the good verses evil theme of the show. As a child of the sixties, I was caught up in the enthusiasm of the space race and science fiction was exciting. Everything seemed to come together. When I saw this penny with the image of Mr. Spock, one of the major characters in the show, I had to have it. I think it is neat when you can take something you value and combine it with your interests.

We use money every day. It is the drives our economy. It makes things happen. You couldn't exist without it in the modern world. When we engrave an image of something we value on a coin, and then keep it, it adds meaning to the value. Now of course the world says this penny with Spock's image on it isn't worth anything. But to me, it is the source of a joy that runs deep.

So it is with our faith. When the image of God is living in our hearts, that organ which carries our life flowing blood, it may not mean much to the world, but it adds so much joy to our life. I can't imagine life without God. He adds value and meaning to life.

From now on whenever I think of that penny, I will think of God's face being engraved on my heart. (I know this isn't a perfect example but that's how my brain works these things. I see God everywhere. If you begin to look around, you will be able to do it too.)