Monday, September 15, 2008

Amazing display of light and power

On Saturday night Sarah and I went to Darling Harbour and enjoyed a great meal at a place called "The Docks."  We were pretty tired from our day at the Zoo but they announced they were having fireworks so we decided to check them out. 

The Harbor didn't look big enough to have much of a show. It is actually just a bit bigger than he harbor in Norwich but this one is completely enclosed and surrounded by shops and Restaurants. The firework platforms were in the middle but it appeared that they wouldn't have enough room to put on much of a display. When the show began we were both amazed at the brilliance of the color and the extent of the show. It was one of the best that we had ever seen.

We had been fooled by what we saw and didn't give the Aussies much credit for what could be done.  We were, as they say in theological terms, walking by sight rather than faith. We looked at the situation and because we couldn't imagine it being done, we wrote off the possibility someone else could do it.

It reminded me that too many times we do the same thing with God. We look around at our circumstances and because it doesn't appear that there is much that we can do, we tend to assume that God can't do very much either. Yet God is the one who created us and has far more ability and ingenuity than we do. We need to give him ore credit and learn to trust him.

After all the apostle Paul told us that we can do all things in Christ Jesus. We may not be able to do them on our own accord, but with God, we can accomplish so much more.

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