Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lost is not forgotten

On Saturday Sarah and I went to the Torango Zoo in Sydney. We took a ferry over and had a great time. Unfortunately all of my photos disappeared. I started to get upset about it but then I remembered that it was the actual experience that mattered, not the photos. 
I think sometimes we get sidetracked as we alk through life. One little difficulty or one small disappointment has the ability to ruin an otherwise wonderful experience. We get so upset and we begin to focus on what went wrong instead of what has gone right. 

Sarah and I saw all kinds of exotic creatures, including a Tasmanian Devil, a real life gecko, several native birds, a gigantic lizard, and several other things that are native to Australia. The good news is that Sarah took a bunch of pictures too. So I will upload those at some point. 

I think it is important to remember the blessings when we start getting upset about things that don't go exactly right in life. There is an old Gospel song that says, "Count your many blessings name them one by one, see the many things that God has done."  Hey, it works. I'm down here in Australia with Sarah. That alone is one big blessing. 

I will upload some of Sarah's photo's later on today or tomorrow and you will get a sense of what it was like. That's all for now.


PS  By the way I am writing this on Sunday morning here in Sydney. It is 7:11 a.m. but Sarah has her clock on the computer set so it tells me what time it is back home. You guys are just getting ready for dinner now. Her clock tells me it is 5:12 p.m. back in Connecticut.  Let me just tell you that yesterday was a beautiful day and today is starting out great too!  Now enjoy it.

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Roger said...

Welcome to Australia-hope your enjoying you experience down-under. Each day I receive Google alerts about Macquarie. Your blog turned up!
If you are interested we are the local Anglican Church and love to have visitors. I am the senior minister and our web site is . You will see our service times listed
We are located at Lovell Rd 114 -if you need transport we may be able to arrange it
If you are not interested no problems-just have a great time!
Grace and Peace Roger