Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Excuses will eventually go away

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that my bicycle was gone. My daughter had taken it for a ride on Monday and left it in the driveway close to the house. On Tuesday afternoon I came home and it was gone. I was pretty upset at first. Then I realized that for the last twenty years I was planning to go bike riding regularly. In that time I only went less than ten times.

As long as I had the bike I could keep the illusion alive. I could keep trying to convince myself that I was really going to do it. Yet having the bike didn't do it. It would have taken something more for me to take that next step.

So what happens when you take away the source.? All the excuses disappear. It dawned on me that I was never going to ride that bike. The truth is that we all have lots of excuses. We try to kid ourselves and pretend we are going to do this or that. As long as we have some prop out there that allows us to kid ourselves we never have to face the fact that we are just making excuses.

So what are you making excuses about? What have you been "not doing?" Have you been talking about getting back to church? Have you been planning to get involved in some ministry? Have you been planning on visiting that sick friend? Stop pretending and get out and do it. The truth is that we don't have forever. Something will happen and we will be forced to face that fact that we've been making excuses. Then it will be too late. So as Nike says, "Just do it!"