Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The real God

Today at the Rotary Club meeting we honored one of our members for his fifty years in Rotary. Cliff Wilson was a young physician in town when he joined the club in 1959. Four years later he was installed as the club's President. Today he shared some memories from his active years and recalled some of the guest speakers who blessed our club over the years.

I was moved by his testimony today. I've known Dr. Wilson for years. I've always though of him as a nice man and very friendly. This afternoon I saw another side of him.

It's funny how we create an image in our mind of some people. We take a few external clues and turn them into a picture of someone's personality, likes and dislikes, and create an image of them that we assume is accurate. Then we we get to know them, we find out that there is so much more substance behind the man or woman.

The same is true. Many of us picture him as some benevolent old man who sits on a throne in heaven. We pretty much assume he is impotent to do anything about our situations. We think of his advice a being pretty much useless in the real world. As a result we lose out on the tremendous power he gives those who call on his name. Time after time the Scriptures reveal how much God can do and how much he wants to do for us. If only we would believe the whole world would be ours.

So stop reducing your image of God to something you can hold on to. Let it grow to its full reality and grab onto it and enjoy the blessings.

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