Saturday, September 26, 2009

God and evil

Why is there evil in the world? It is a question we all ask. Whether you believe in God or not, we want to believe that life is fair and that justice will prevail. When it doesn't we get angry. We blame God. We point to the stories that tell of his love and say this proves it is a lie.

I came across this video tonight. It purports to be a recreation of Albert Einstein when he was a school boy.

Snopes says this never happened. The truth is that it doesn't matter. It is a parable that speaks to a deep truth. Evil exists when people turn their backs on God and turn on their neighbors. When God's love is absent, evil takes center court.

I think that is why it so important for the church to step up today and speak for Christ not only with words but with loving acts. We need to show the world what the power of love and grace can do.

Check out the video. Cut and paste it into your browser window.


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