Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pause and pray

Talk about a jinx. This morning I came to church and began working on the computer. First my palm pilot wouldn't sync and update my desktop calendar. Then when I went to print out a page from my blog, the printer malfunctioned. I'm a pretty smart guy so I came up with a solution. I would print it from my auxiliary printer. I pushed the button and the error light came on alerting me to a printer malfunction here as well.

It's been one of those mornings where I should just walk out of the office and come back again in fifteen minutes as if I was never here. So why won't I do that? Pride. Most of us keep doing he same old thing again and again even if it doesn't work because we don't want to admit we can't do it ourselves.

The truth is that sometimes we need help from above. We need help from someone who isn't caught up in the situation. We need help from someone who can give us a fresh perspective. That is what God offers us. The Bible is full of wisdom on how to live life and how to find our purpose. It points us to the path that will bring us many blessings. But we would rather find our own way.

Maybe it is a man thing and I do mean man as in humanity. From the time of the Fall we have chosen to believe that we know more than God. When the tempter said, "Did God say you will die if you eat?" we have continued to question God's wisdom. What has it gotten us? Error messages and out of sync lives are the price we have paid for our pride.

So you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to pause, say a little prayer and then go away for a little while. When I come back I am going to start over and if I have a problem I will go to the book and see if I can learn from the creator.


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Anonymous said...

Well, I have found by giving up all the external needs (CableTV,PalmPilot,PlayStation),and Cell Phone for Emergency only,no texts- I have more room in LIFE for God and people. Maybe that's God's way of telling you to do the same, Pastor Cal. I have a small laptop for emails and news and a landline phone for regular use. I don't print things, I either remember them or write them down.

We all need to get back to basics, before it's too late. Some among us say it's already too late.

Only God, our Father knows when.

Try it.