Sunday, August 30, 2009

He will be there when you call

I was flying down the highway toward the Mall listening to the Red Sox game on the radio totally oblivious to anything else. As I passed the last exit before the Mall I glanced down at the dashboard and noticed that the gas tank was a quarter inch below empty and the yellow light was so bright that I thought it was a falling star. I panicked. All I could think about was running out of gas on the highway and being stuck for hours. That's when I began to pray.

I made it to the next exit and kept praying through the light and all the way down that last stretch of road leading to the gas station. As I pulled up to the gas pump I said my "thank you" to Jesus and filled up the car.

I had to laugh as I pulled away from the station and continued on to the Mall. I had done what so many people do when they get into trouble. They call on God to save them. They go their merry way without thinking of the consequences of their actions and then look for Superman to fly in and save the day. Only we know that Superman isn't real but God is. Even if we don't go to church or profess our faith to anyone, we tend to call on God in those moments when nothing else can save us.

We do it for silly things like I did and for more serious things like a diagnosis of cancer or on hearing of an accident involving a loved one. WE live life without ever thinking much about GOD but we expect HIM to be there when we need Him.

Well here is the Good News: HE is always there when we need him. He loves us. He may not solve all our problems or our save us and our loved ones from pain, but he has promised to be there to hold us up when the world has got us down. God was there for me today. I know that not because I made it to the gas station. I know it because He reminded me to check the gas gauge before I get on the road next time. You can bet I will do so the next time.