Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time to take out the trash

It's garbage night. I took out the trash after I got home and put it out on the curb. I gathered up all the recyclables and put them on the sidewalk. It's a ritual in our house on Thursday nights. In the twenty four years we've lived in Norwich, in the four different houses we have inhabited, we have rarely missed garbage day. On the few times we did miss it, we regretted it. We had a mess the next week. It was an ugly sight.

I wonder why we don't look at the garbage in our lives the same way. We let anger, grudges, jealousy, pettiness and so much more build up in our lives and dont' make it a point to get rid of it on a regular basis. Jesus invites us to come to him with our burdens and to let them go. Yet we prefer to carry them with us and let them weigh us down. As a result our lives are messed up.

If you've been carrying around a burden, it's time to let it go. Take out the trash and give it to Jesus.


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