Sunday, September 6, 2009

Who wants a plastic Jesus

I came across this video and it really got me thinking about the lies we tell ourselves. They allow us to put off dealing with the real issues in our lives. We pretend everything is alright but beneath the masks we wear, we are hurting. Because we don't admit it, we can't change anything.

So how do we turn it around. First we get on our knees and spend a little time with Jesus. Prayer changes things. When we open up to Jesus and share our hurts, our doubts, our failings, we can begin to address them and make changes in our lives.

Then we can find a few Christian friends who we can get together with on a regular basis. They will help us stay real so we can honest with ourselves. If you don't have these kind of friends now, then find a church and look for people you can relate to.

Third, since you are seeking out a church, find one where you can worship and feel the presence of God. How will you know God is there? You will know. You will sense it in the people, the worship, the sacred space. It will help you put your life in perspective.

You don't have to end up like the guy in this video. You can rediscover a meaningful faith and a wonderful relationship with God again. Jesus said, If you seek him, you will find him. That's a promise. So go to it.

Be blessed. Cal