Saturday, April 26, 2008

The route is not what matters

In my weekly newspaper column I mentioned that I was trying to win a ticket to see Colbie Callait in concert and couldn't get through. I likened that to the feeling we sometimes get when we pray. Upon reading my weekly epistle, a friend of mine called to say that he had two tickets to see Colbie Callait in Boston for me as the answer to my prayer.

I was in seventh heaven. The only problem was getting the tickets to me. This was Friday morning. The concert is on Sunday. They will not hold the tickets at a "will call." They needed to be Fex -exed to me from Boston.

I went on line to track their progress and I noticed that the tickets had to go from the Theater to Boston to Memphis, TN to Granby, CT to Norwich, CT to my door. I couldn't believe the route they took. It would have been easier just to go and pick them up.

Yet the whole thing reminded me of how prayers are answered. We don't always get things exactly as we ask for them. Sometimes the answer to our prayer comes in unusual ways. Sometime the answer comes from a totally different direction. Sometimes the way we would answer a prayer is not the way God does it.

I am sure that Fed-Ex has a method to its madness that makes sense when you look at the big picture. The company would not be able to survive if it didn't have a master plan. So it is with God. We don't see the big picture. Sometimes it has to be enough to know that God is God and that He is good. Then we need to trust Him.


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Denise said...

God is very good.