Saturday, April 19, 2008

Don't let your excuses keep you away.

I went back to Weight Watchers today. For the last eight months I have been boycotting them because they moved their office from Norwich to Montville. I claimed I was protesting the fact that they were deserting Norwich, which is a big enough city to have its own. I didn't go on principle.

Yet, I started gaining weight. I started eating more. I'd still get on the scale and try to keep track of points but it didn't help. Every time I thought about going back I thought about the fact that I would be giving in and letting them win. So I stayed away.

When I left for Mexico last week I was up 11 or 12 pounds since I began my protest last October. My clothes were becoming too tight and I was feeling bloated. A week in Mexico (and a few photos later) I suddenly realized that the only one I was hurting by my protest was myself. I also realized that I was just making excuses for not going.

It dawned on me that this happens a lot in churches as well. Someone gets upset by something and they stop attending services. They are going to show that minister or prove a point to that usher and the next thing you know they have been away six months. The weekly inspiration and regular fellowship are missing from their lives and they wonder why they are feeling depressed and irritable. They wonder why things are not going their way. They wonder why they don't feel God's presence.

Here's my advice: If you have been away from church for some reason, go back. Don't let an excuse keep you away from God and the fellowship of his people. If the minister or another member offended you, then go talk to them and let them know how you feel. If you can't resolve the issue, then find another place to worship. The important thing is to worship somewhere.

I went back to Weight Watchers today and I feel great. I actually lost 3 lbs in Mexico and a couple more since I got back on the program this week. I needed the program more than I knew. It is the same with church. So don't punish yourself any more. Just go back and worship the Lord.


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Denise said...

Great post my friend, congrats on your weight loss.