Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a mess

I saw the meatballs in the refrigerator and I couldn't help myself. I grabbed a fork and took one. I know they were for the dinner tomorrow night but who would know? As I brought it up to my mouth a big glob of spaghetti sauce went flying to the floor. Then another glob of sauce dropped. As I reached for a napkin a third splash hit the counter.

I laughed as I thought about the mess my harmless little indiscretion had caused. That's the way it is with sin too. We may think it is just a little thing but there is always a mess to clean up afterwards. Sin scars our lives and leaves its imprint in its wake.

Praise God that Jesus comes to offer us a second chance. He cleans up the mess and leaves us looking like new. But his sacrifice came with a cost. It cost him his life on the cross.

Next time I'll think before I reach for the meatballs. I'll think twice the next time I think about sinning too. The price for that was way too much. I'd much rather do something that glorifies God.


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