Friday, January 1, 2010

Time for a fresh start

Happy New Year! I love the first day of the new year because it gives us an excuse, a reason to start over. It is like the chapter headings in a good book. It marks an occasion where we can be purposeful in making the changes and redirect our lives.

My friends make fun of me because I joke about going back to weight watchers after New Year's Day every year. Most years I actually do it and it makes a difference. I've never lost the 60 pounds I did back in 1994, but I always move the scale downward and that is good for my health.

Some people make fun of resolutions but I think they are great. They are goals that we can strive for and the New Year gives us the impetus we need to take the first few steps. We have a starting line for our race. We have a symbolic door that we can walk through. That can't be bad.

I hope this is the year you lose that weight, quit smoking, try for that new job, meet that special someone or get out of debt. working on making that dream a reality begins today. May God be with you.


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