Saturday, January 16, 2010

It is a team thing

The posting on my daily "Church chuckles" desk calendar read like this:

The sign on the bulletin board at church read: We need one more player on the church soccer team. Ask yourself: "Am I my brother's goal keeper?"

It is funny. It was a play on words. It does speak to a deeper truth though. I've always looked at the church as a team. God calls us together. He picks us and then teaches us how to play the game of life. We all have a role to play.

Some of us are like the forwards. We carry the ball and try to advance the good news. Sometimes we score. Sometimes we miss. But we are at the front lines ready to go where the ball is. Others are like the mid fielders. They are good at many things. They advance the gospel and also defend the gospel. They go where they are needed to assist and help. They don't get the limelight but they are every bit as important as the other team members. They often the hardest workers and need to be in the best prepared and in the best shape.

Next are the defenders. They keep the tradition alive and serve as gate keepers. They stand up to attack and willingly risk themselves to stop the enemy from advancing. They are like the pillars because they hold everything up while their teammates try to score.

Finally there is the goal keeper. He or she is the one who has a crucial role to play. It's funny but I think of them as the true defenders of the faith. They are the inspirational leaders. We look to them when we are weak and our defenses are down. We trust them to give it all they have. We rely on them to give us the boost we need when we stumble and fall down.

The truth is that soccer is a team game but so is the church. In I Corinthians 12 the Apostle Paul breaks it down. Many gifts, one body. So never think that what you have to offer is too small. It may be just what is needed at the time.

Peace. Cal

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