Thursday, January 28, 2010

God answers prayers

The Tigers are coming to Norwich and guess who is excited. When the reporters saw me with my Tiger hat on at the press conference, they wanted to talk to me. I could barely contain my enthusiasm. I told one of them that the Tigers coming to town was an answer to prayer. I meant it too.

But we all know that some prayers matter more than others. My wife and I had this discussion many years ago. I was in college and had a test coming up. I told her I was praying for a good grade. Lori laughed and said, "If you want a good grade you better start studying. You don't pray for that."

Ever since then I have changed my prayer pattern. I started praying that God would allow me to do my best on the test. I prayed against mental blocks and just asked God to allow me to remember everything I had studied. And I did alright after that. Of course the studying helped.

I guess the same thing happened this week with the Connecticut Tigers. I just kept praying that the city would diligently seek a new team and that God would bless their efforts. Guess what? Prayers were answered all around.


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