Friday, January 16, 2009

Sharing God's love with our neighbors

In one week the church will be giving stuff away. We will pack up bags with a blanket, some laundry detergent, the ingredients for a vegetable soup, a bar of soap, bottle of shampoo, some white socks, hats and mittens, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and a whole lot of love. We will carry them up to the Martin Luther King Center and then share them with any of our neighbors who come by. We will have cupcakes and cocoa, hot coffee and a smile.

Why are we doing this? Simply because God loves us and told us to share that love. Our church is part of a neighborhood and the sad truth is that we don't really know our neighbors. So this is a first step in changing that.

The truth is that we are not alone. There are churches all across the country who have lost touch with their neighbors. We seem to be an island unto ourselves. So how can we be an effective witness for the Lord?

Well that is going to change for us in a week. We are going to get out there and meet them and let them know that we care. What are you doing at your church to meet your neighbors? Let me know so we can see if that's something we can attempt as well. Together we can bring God's love from the altar to the sidewalk.


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Denise said...

That is fantastic my friend, bless your efforts.