Monday, January 5, 2009

The real Lords of Flatbush

While we were in New York on vacation we took a little trip into Brooklyn. My daughter is thinking about moving to Williamsburg and she wanted to show us a few of the restaurants. We got off the train at the Flatbush Avenue station and I couldn't resist taking this picture. I joked about us being the Lords of Flatbush.

You might remember that the original Lords of Flatbush came out of a 1974 movie that featured Sylvester Stallone, Henry Winkler and Perry King as a gang of Brooklyn teens who chase girls, steal cars, play pool and hang out at a local candy store.

We didn't really bear any resemblance to those guys but we did stop at a Chocolate Store. On the way home I thought about the fact that just because you claim the name it doesn't mean you can play the game.

I think about this in terms of being a Christian. What is it that makes us a follower of Christ? Is it what we believe? Is it the way we live our lives? Is it the way we treat others? Is it going to church and observing the ritual, sacraments and ordinances of the faith that makes us a Christian? It is something to think about. Maybe it is all of this and more. You tell me.