Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fans unite around their teams

We are going to have a Superbowl party at our house tomorrow. We've been doing it since 1995 when one of our church members won a six foot long Subway in a radio contest. It's always a lot of fun. It is even better when someone has a favorite playing in the game. In recent years we have had lots of Patriot fans and a few Giant fans. We've had Eagle fans and Packer enthusiasts. And yes, even one Steelers fan. Three years ago I put on my Rothlesberger Jersey and put my bobble heads on top of the television. It seemed to work for us. The Steelers won.

People get real creative when it comes to supporting their team. Fans go a little crazy and I've seen so much fun stuff including this video.

When I was in the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina last week, I was wearing my Steelers Sweatshirt and several people waved and nodded to me. Many of them were wearing team jerseys, hats and jackets. We all had this in common. We didn't know each other, but we shared a common bond.

This happens on occasion when someone is wearing a Christian t-shirt or people come together for a conference or rally. People come together, wave, share a brief word and immediately share that common bond which goes beyond race, culture and age. We are one in Christ. Unfortunately it happens a lot less than it does with our sports teams. Too often we focus on what we divides us rather than what brings us together.

Imagine if Steeler fans started arguing over whether Ben Rothlisberger or Neil O'Donnell was a better quarterback. Imagine if Patriot fans started disagreeing over whether Tom Brady was more important to the team than Richard Seymour. Then they began forming coalitions to debate and argue that members of the other opinion weren't really fans. It doesn't often happen in sports, but sadly enough, it does happen in the church.

Last week several representatives of the various Christian churches in town came together to pray. We didn't try to change anyone's mind about their basic beliefs. We came together to affirm Jesus as Lord and our common faith. It was great.

I think after the Super Bowl is over, maybe some of us can put some energy into rooting for Christ and bringing people together to honor him. It might just be fun. It might just bring a smile to the Lord's faith as his team takes the field.



Denise said...

Enjoy your superbowl my friend.

Van said...

A gathering of Chrsitians to cheer each other on and prais Jesus a super bowl for the saints! Actually I have been in some large Chrsitian venues and it is awesome!