Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just play the game

I'm watching the football game between Indianapolis and San Diego tonight and I have to chuckle to myself. All day long I listened to various sports personalities dissect the four play-off games this weekend. They talked about stats and past performances. They spoke about the strengths and weaknesses of each team and made bold predictions.

The first game of the weekend was an upset according to most of the experts I listened to. The Cardinals had no business winning that game. If San Diego pulls this second game out there will be a lot of sports casters with egg on their face.

The truth is that in any given game, past performance is not the best predictor of future results. There are so many variables that go into winning a game of any kind. The best players don't always win. It is the team that executes the best and minimizes mistakes that will usually prevail.

That's why they play the game. It is a battle that is waged in every possession of the football. Consistency is what counts. If you perform well over time you will prevail.

The same is true in life. Some people are more gifted than others. Some have an advantage over us. Yet if we faithfully live out our life, if we minimize our mistakes, we are more apt to come out ahead. We can't change what we don't have any control over but we can make the most of our opportunities.

I pray that God will show you the opportunities he has for you in the new year and you will take advantage of them and be blessed. Forget the past. Press on and God will be with you. Cal

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Denise said...

I hope your 2009 will be overflowing with blessings.