Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making an adventure out of the waiting game.

I feel a little bit like Tom Hanks in the movie "Terminal." I have been wandering around the Charlotte, NC airport for almost five hours now. I got here late and my connection had left. My new connection has been delayed three times. I have been from one end of the airport to the other. I haven't had to set up a bed yet or build a room for myself but I am starting to wonder how long I will be here.

Spending the day here has been kind of fun. I know that I will eventually get where I am going so I decided to make an adventure of it. The thought hit me that living life should be the same way. Once we have accepted Christ, we know we are going to heaven when we die. So why not enjoy life and make it an adventure.

Jesus sends us out into the world to share the good news. Let's accept his challenge and have some fun, meeting and loving our neighbors and friends and sharing God's love. What else are you going to do?